WP1: Coordination & Communication

WP1 will coordinate both the scientific and administrative tasks of MuCol. All participants will participate to the decision making through the Governing Board. CERN will coordinate WP1 and provide the Study Leader (SL) and the Technical Coordinator. 



The objectives of WP1 are:

  • Provide scientific coordination of the work

  • Setup and ensure a quality assurance process for peer review of all the results

  • Provide technical coordination

  • Ensure compliance with requirements from EU rules for the project (financial reporting, notification of the achievement of milestones and deliverables etc…)

  • Organisation of Collaboration meetings and workshops, harmonization of events across the workpackages

  • Editing of common reports, ensuring the respect of deadlines for deliverables and milestones

  • Coordination of Communication and Dissemination activities

  • Monitoring of gender dimension issues



Task 1.1
Study Coordination (CERN)

This task will ensure a coherent development of the design and parameters. It will ensure the implementation of the workprogramme, coordinate the scope of the project and propose design choices; it will organise the Governing Board and Advisory Committee meetings in collaboration with the respective chairs. It will ensure the integration of the effort within the international collaboration established at CERN and provide a link to other bodies.

Task 1.2
Technical Coordination (CERN)

The Technical Coordinator will ensure the timely delivery of milestones and deliverables. It will prepare the periodic and final reports as well as follow the use of resources. CERN will also establish an infrastructure to store the relevant project data, in particular parameters, specifications and layouts and make them available to all partners and the IMCC. The Technical Coordinator will also coordinate the establishment and follow-up of the Data Management Plan and ensure the monitoring of the gender dimension issues with the help of the Gender Advisor.

Task 1.3
Quality Management (CERN)

The task will implement a peer-review process for the publications of results and make reports available.

Task 1.4 Communication and Dissemination (CERN, INFN)

CERN and INFN will ensure the communication of scientific results to relevant communities and scientific committees, as well as funding agencies. Also, it will organize and streamline the dissemination to general public. It will be led by the Communication and Dissemination Officer. The task will organize , with support from all the WPs, a session on synergies with other fields, and dedicated topical workshops if the opportunity arises.

Task 1.5 Implementation Scenarios (CERN)

CERN will develop a scenario towards the construction of a muon collider. It will identify the main cost and power consumption drivers to determine the cost and power-consumption scales of the collider. It will assess the impact on the environment and the constraints for an implementation at CERN. The reuse of existing infrastructure will be considered.