WP8: Cooling Cell Integration

This Workpackage will be led by UMIL, that will ensure that the individual designs of each component are performed taking into account the integration within a single mechanical assembly. To this purpose, UMIL will ensure the publication of clear functional specifications and will animate regular meetings among the different Institutes and across the various tasks. UMIL will also coordinate the preparation of reports and communication in general, and liaise with the rest of the project, in particular WP1, WP4, WP6 and WP7. Other participants are CERN, INFN, Imperial, UKRI.


The first objective of this workpackage is to select the technologies that are more suitable for a construction of a cooling cell that will demonstrate the feasibility of the concept including: absorbers that will decrease the emittance in both the longitudinal and transvers plane Superconducting solenoids, to limit the transverse blow-up of the beam. RadioFrequency Cavities, that will accelerate the beam providing back longitudinal momentum The second objective is to design each component of the cooling cell and integrate them in a single assembly to demonstrate that there is no showstopper for such systems.


Task 8.1
Absorbers and Windows (CERN)

Coordinated by CERN, with studies on possible absorbers to be used in a cooling cells. Studies on windows will be necessary for the case of a liquid absorber, and in case that the RF task concludes that a high-pressure gas-filled cavity has to be used. This task will liaise with WP4.

Task 8.2
Solenoids (UMIL)

Coordinated by UMIL, will as well resort to the experience of past projects and will propose, with the support of INFN a solenoid configuration compatible with all constraints. UMIL will design the solenoids to be integrated in the cell and liaise with the relevant task of WP7.

Task 8.3
RadioFrequency (INFN)

Coordinated by INFN. This workpackage will critically review the experience built by the muon collider community mainly through projects in the US over the last 20 years (Muon factory, Neutrino factory, MAP) and the experience of the MICE experiment. INFN LASA will design a cavity for the cooling cell liaising directly with WP6.

Task 8.4
Cooling cell performance: (UKRI)

Coordinated by UKRI, has the goal of selecting the type of cooling cell that represents better the difficulties of integration. This task will specify the main parameters for each component and will ensure that the overall cooling efficiency is preserved during the detailed design of the cell. This task will liaise with WP4.

Task 8.5
Integration (UMIL)

Coordinated by UMIL, will make sure that the design of every single component in the other tasks is performed having in mind the integration in an assembly and will provide at the end a full 3D model of the cooling cell including all services (fluids, electrical connections etc…). All other participants to the Workpackage will contribute to this task, In particular CERN will make sure the 3D model respects the CERN quality manual in order to allow a future integration on a test facility on the CERN site.